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link to: sculpture: Equipoise10
new growth body of work (At the end of 2000 I returned to New Orleans after living away for twenty years. Being back in the deep deep south brought many surprises. One true delight was rediscovering the very tropical climate of New Orleans. The reawakening to my hometown and my curiosity about the simplicity of the binary system were on my mind when I conceived these pieces.  I wonder how the combination of zeros (0) and ones (1) can lie at the base of so much technology and if the needed progress to sustain ourselves on earth might have something to do with the basic premise of binary.  My interest in the ideas about 0 and 1 parallel my curiosity about the absolute nothing and the absolute all of the kabbalah, the ying and yang of Chinese philosophy, and my greater quest for balance.) title page, and link to: sculpture: New Growth1
link to: sculpture: New Growth1