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link to: sculpture: inflorescence13
body of work: equipoise (definition: equipoise |ˈekwəˌpoiz|  noun, balance of forces or interests : this temporary equipoise of power. • a counterbalance or balancing force : capital flows act as an equipoise to international imbalances in savings. verb [ trans. ], balance or counterbalance (something). ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from equi- [equal] + the noun poise 1 , replacing the phrase equal poise.(New Oxford American Dictionary)) I have used “equipoise” as a title for several installations of three-dimensional work and for a series of mixed media collages. Balance and the maintenance of balance in all aspects of my world is of great importance to me. It stems from my inquiries into difference and otherness in the philosophical sense.  It is what I see as a critical issue in our ever pervasive psycho-sexual-consumer culture which seems to be in a severe state of imbalance. I am hopeful that in ample time humankind will come around and actively change to make our planet a better place for all living beings.title page, and link to: sculpture: equipoise1
link to: sculpture: equipoise1