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Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art, Baton Rouge, LA (definition: inflorescence |ˌinflôˈresəns; -flə-| 	noun, Botany the complete flowerhead of a plant including stems, stalks, bracts, and flowers. • the arrangement of the flowers on a plant. • the process of flowering. ORIGIN mid 18th cent. (denoting the arrangement of a plant's flowers): from modern Latin inflorescentia, from late Latin inflorescere ‘come into flower,’ from Latin in- ‘into’ + florescere ‘begin to flower.’ (New Oxford American Dictionary)  Inflorescence as a title for my installations was promted by a two-person exhibition I had with Deedra Ludwig at LeMieux Gallery in New Orleans.  The title was Deedra’s idea but suited my body of work quite well. Documented here are installation views from the Baton Rouge Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.)title page, and link to: installation: Baton Rouge Gallery1
link to: installation: Baton Rouge Gallery1